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Kebumen Dalam Angka

Statistics of Kebumen

As gratitude kehadlirat praise Allah SWT, I warmly welcome the publication of Statistics of

Kebumen and thanks to all those who have participated in the preparation of this book.

In order to develop people's lives and potential of the region, statistical data has an

important role and functions. By using statistical data, the policy and development activities taken

by the government will better targeted and more efficient, so it will accelerate the pace of

community empowerment and local. On the other hand will also help the community in making the

steps and decisions in dealing with every development environment, including in addressing the

globalization era.

This book contains data and comprehensive information, particularly related to data

resource potential (natural and man) as well as the results of governance, development and

implementation of public service in Kebumen.

Finally the publisher, I expect to continue to develop data and information presented, so

that will improve the usability of this book.

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Kebumen Dalam Angka tahun 2003 - 2011